Wheel Care


Treat your freshly reconditioned wheels with care, especially for the first 24 hours.  They will be dry to the touch, but you should not rub them.

Light rain or brief wetness should not damage your wheels; however, a great deal of rain, a strong spray or prolonged immersion can damage the clearcoat.

The clearcoat will be fully cured in about 4 weeks.  After that time, regular maintenance will be necessary in order to maintain the decorative appearance over a long period of time.  In order to maintain your wheels correctly, we offer the same advice, as do the manufacturers of premium wheels. For more information on the care of your newly repair alloy wheels, contact your local alloy wheel specialist.

  What we Recommend

• Do not wash freshly reconditioned wheels for 24 hours.

• After 24 hours, wash the wheels by hand and continue to wash the wheels by hand only for the first 4 weeks.

• Always cool hot wheels with plain water before using soap. Never wash wheels when they are hot. Road salt, dirt and brake lining dust must be washed off thoroughly; otherwise, the finish of the wheel may corrode.

• Do not use any cleaner or wax on freshly reconditioned wheels for 4 weeks.

• After 4 weeks and after washing again, you can use an acid-free cleaning agent on the wheels. Any cleaner that uses acid will damage the clearcoat and substrate.

• Also after 4 weeks, a good wax should be rubbed onto the clearcoat and continue to do this about every three months. The wax will help protect the skin of the clearcoat from foreign matter build-up.

• Abrasive polish or other abrasive agents should never be used. Should the protective layer of the clearcoat become damaged, it should be repaired immediately.  

Avoid Car washes

Alignment rails on most car washes were designed before the arrival of the newer style tires. With high sidewall tires, the rim never gets near the rail. However, low profile tires allow the rim to ride below the top of the alignment rail, which can easily damage the edge of the wheel.

Hand care is the best treatment for premium wheels. However, if you must use a car wash, try to find a “touch less” style system and avoid the places with alignment rails


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