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  • "I curbed my right rear passenger rim when I was pulling out of work and had scraped my rim and I just bought this car on 4/25/16. I immediately searched for quality rim repair service and found that this shop had the best reviews. When I set up my appointment over the phone, the lady on the phone was sweet and customer oriented. I also got a quick response via text from one of their technicians today, 7/18/16. The shop was clean, when I parked someone greeted me and proceeded to take me to the office. I signed my car in and gave the keys and the technician took my keys and showed me the waiting room. Overall, I got out in 45 minutes and am very happy with the results! The technician got me and showed me the damaged rim and I was surprised on the quality of work! The technician had to show me where the damage was because it was LITERALLY UNRECOGNIZABLE! I 100% RECOMMEND THIS SHOP FOR ALL YOUR MINOR, MAJOR, AND RIM REPLACEMENT AND UPGRADE! BELOW are the before and after pictures! I am a VERY VERY BEYOND HAPPY CUSTOMER!"

    Nestle S.
  • "I took a wheel in to get resurfaced. They are the biggest wheel repair company in the USA. You will get one or two people that aren't happy no matter what you do. People just have a bad day I guess. Anyway, when I got it back (24 hr), loved the work they did, perfect match. To me it was the best work at the best price."

    Todd B.
  • "Your local rep. Steve Devos, came out to my work in the company's parking lot to service my car. He repaired two expensive Vogue wheels that were out of round in about 1 1/2 hours. Saved me a lot of time and money!!!!!! Great job. Thanks"

    Greg M- Howell Michigan
  • "Very satisfied job well done , quote was right on the money , service was fast and very professional .will use in the future for sure, thanks. Again"

    Bill Padgett - Indianapolis, IN
  • "My vehicle has been serviced twice, once when I purchased it used from the Mercedes Benz dealer and later when a rim was damaged from poor Minneapolis road conditions. Both times the wheels were finished very nicely and the rims looked new again. Good service and affordable."

    Russ Fischer - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "Had the wheels on my BMW Z3 rebuilt and powder coated. Excellent job."

    Steve - Norcross, GA
  • "Hello AWRS, I submitted an online request and received a response the next day. I later spoke to Doug Ramey who went over both options for repair in great detail. I elected for the "in shop" repair as it seemed a better option for a new vehicle. They picked up my wheel on Monday and returned it on Wednesday. Let me express to you how amazing it looks! There is absolutely no evidence of damage or scratches from refinishing. The process is flawless and the folks are the best! I would highly recommend this service to anyone"

    Lee R. Columbia, SC
  • "5 star service. Professional, timely, workmanship was excellent."

    Dean Lee - Glenview, Illinois
  • "Great service and they eliminated the vibration in my steering wheel due to two bent rims. I would highly recommend AWRS for any bent rim or aluminum repair."

    Mike - New York City
  • "It is like magic! My wheel is like new! Highly recommend your business to others."

    J.B. - Indianapolis
  • "AWRS Springfield was quick to take my wheel from unusable to it's proper shape and balanced. Next time I have a damaged wheel I know who I will contact. Great communication and fast service. A+"

    Gavin Hollins - Springfield, Missouri
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